Information for prospective customers - natural gas

The trader can ensure the supply of natural gas only if:

  • the customer´s offtake gas equipment (internal distribution system and appliances) is functionally connected to the distribution system
  • the internal distribution system and the appliances comply with the requirements of safe operation (valid inspection reports can be provided)
  • the composition of the appliances and consumption profiles corresponds with the valid requirements of the distributor

Failing that, the connection requirements must be met before the connection to the distribution system. Project of internal gas distribution system, including its reconstructed or renovated parts, information about replacement or removal of appliances or technologies using natural gas will be required.

The conditions are agreed between the customer and the distributor in a Contract on Connection to the Distribution System.

So that we can properly evaluate your technological needs and find a suitable economic solution for connection of your off-take equipment, it is necessary that you fill in the Application for Connection to the Distribution System for Medium- and Large-scale Customers available on the website of the natural gas distribution company.

After that, the trader can offer to reserve for you the necessary capacity in the distribution and transmission system and purchasing of natural gas in compliance with the required parameters of the supply.

For detailed information and advice concerning connection to the distribution systém; natural gas supplies and the prices of the related services please contact us.