The NONSTOP Customer Service Line allows obtaining information and handling matters regarding energy supplies without the need to visit one of our contact points. Our staff will be happy to answer your questions and provide explanations for any unclear issues.

Telephone: 800 11 33 55 (from abroad: +420 533 330 090)

24 hours a day, seven days a week
(the fastest service can be obtained during 11:30-16:30 on working days)
Skype: kontaktnicentrum innogy kontaknicentrum innogy

download SKYPE here

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Customer centers (in Czech)

Breakdown Service 1239

What can you get or do at the NONSTOP Customer Service Line?

  • billing and payment information (invoices; kWh conversion; prices etc.)
  • contract changes (changes in the amount and frequency of advances; changes in payment information)
  • claims and complaints
  • information on the procedure for connecting a new or transferring an existing offtake point
  • information on electricity supplies
  • information on the procedure for changing a supplier
  • advice on the use of natural gas and electric power
  • information on our contact points and our partners
  • information on taking and reporting meter readings
  • purchase of gas service line
  • information on in-progress campaigns
  • innogy Karta that allows getting discounts on movie tickets and ski passes
  • cancellation of promotional offers and marketing messages

If you need specific information about your offtake point, kindly have your Customer Number ready (the number is in the upper left corner of your invoice). Without your Customer Number, you can be provided with general information only.