Information for prospective customers - electricity

Are you looking for a strong partner for electricity supplies?

Do you need lower prices and better services?

Are you particular about having high level of comfort?

The most difficult part is to make a decision and change your supplier. innogy makes it easy for you and prepares an offer reflecting your particular needs.

In addition, our sales managers will provide you with their expert assistance. We take care of everything for you.

To receive an offer, you will need documents containing the following information:

  • offtake profile of hourly consumptions for the past 12 months (to be obtained from the present supplier or distribution system operator)
  • estimated deviations from the offtake profile for the period in question
  • the type of tariff that you need (single tariff; double tariff)
  • the type of contract that you need (supply contract; bundled services supply contract)

Contact us by phone or in person so that we can advise you and accommodate your particular needs.

All you need to do in order to change your electricity supplier is to sign a notice of termination of the contract for bundled electricity supplies and a power of attorney. Do not hesitate to  contact us and we take care of everything that is necessary.