About innogy

innogy SE is an established European energy company. With its three business areas of Renewables, Grid & Infrastructure and Retail, it is well equipped for the work ahead in a modern, decarbonised, decentralised and digital energy world. innogy wants to offer its existing and potential customers innovative and sustainable products and services to help them use energy more efficiently and improve their quality of life.

A leading European distribution system operator

The distribution systems form the backbone of the energy transition. The grids play a key role in integrating weather-dependent and intermittently generated renewables (like wind or solar power) and the output of decentralised generators to ensure security of supply.

Four fifths of the innogy distribution system currently consist of power lines and one fifth of gas pipelines. The system currently spans five countries – making innogy the biggest electricity grid operator in Germany by our calculations. The company is dedicated to developing so-called “smart grids” or efficient and intelligent monitoring and control systems. To ensure power and gas continue to arrive at the point where energy is needed at any given time, innogy intends to keep investing in expansion and modernisation of grid infrastructure.

One of Europe’s biggest electricity providers

innogy currently supplies reliable energy at a fair price to around 16 million power customers and seven million gas customers in eleven European countries. Based on our sales or the number of customers, we are currently one of the biggest providers of power and gas in Germany, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. In four markets of Central Eastern and South Eastern Europe, innogy currently holds a leading position in the retail power and/or gas sector.

With the changes in energy markets, the behaviour of our customers is also changing. More and more households are generating and storing their own electricity instead of just consuming it; at the same time, they expect products tailored to their individual needs. This is why we will continue to develop decentralised and intelligent energy solutions like SmartHome.

We are working to develop the right technologies for the energy world of tomorrow. In many areas of the company, our teams are busy researching and creating innovative products and services. At an international level, we collaborate with young start-ups and also have our own presence in the start-up scenes of Silicon Valley, Tel Aviv and Berlin.

A key operator of wind farms in Europe

innogy plans, erects and operates plants for electricity generation and production from renewable energy sources. Our goal is to expand renewables in Europe as quickly as possible on our own initiative and with partners. Together we will have the power to make the energy transition a success.

innogy is currently particularly well represented in the domestic market of Germany, followed by the markets of the United Kingdom, Spain, the Netherlands and Poland. When it comes to offshore wind power, innogy is the number 3 provider in Europe, based on the amount of installed capacity, and we are also one of the major providers of onshore wind power on the Continent. We are currently stepping up our investment in both onshore and offshore wind power and also in the hydropower sector.